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So you would like to enlarge your penis to become a "dream lover".You are not alone.Millions of men are interested in the subject,and we would not be exaggerating if we said that 99 percent of men are potentially attracted to that idea,although many of them are not consciously aware of it.
This site will give you two important things for free:
-Unbiased information about your penis enlargement options of today.
-A free technique that will allow you to enlarge your penis using only your hands.
To answer a question that you may have,the answer is yes:penis enlargement is possible,and men have been doing it for centuries in order to become a more desirable sexual partner,and to take advantage of the psychological advantages of a bigger male organ.

I came to the conclusion that a free site with unbiased valuable penis enlargement information such as this one is necessary,and considered myself lucky for having achieved real penis enlargement and complete acceptance of myself with this knowledge that at last should be made known to all.
To answer the next question you want to ask,the answer is no: none of the commercially available following products such as pills,patches ,creams,penis pumps,natural penis enlargement programs,or penis extenders and enlargers will increase the physical size of your penis permanently and for real.It is true,and you better believe it:all those thousands of guys buying penis pills,or natural penis enlargement site memberships,or fancy and expensive gadgets,are being separated from their money without achieving real penis enlargement.I guess they may be very reluctant to complain because nobody wants to publicize the fact that he is not happy with his penis size,and willing to pay to improve it.Then the purveyors of the phony methods will convince you that the problem is only yours: you are a hard gainer,and that most people succeed where you FAILED.
By now,you may recall your own experience and know for a fact that those methods are phony.In this case you do not need the following paragraphs which will explain why each of those methods do not work,and you may directly read the free technique,given here,in order to enlarge your penis using only your own hands.
For those that want to find out why those methods do not enlarge your penis,the discussions on techniques follows.

Penis enlargement substances(Pills,patches or creams).

Let me start by stating that Viagra is not a penis enlargement pill.It is a potency enhancing remedy for Impotence of various types.It has absolutely no effect in the size of the erect penis,although it allows the penis of those with less than perfect sexual performance,to become erect.
Before Viagra,there were some substances well known in east and west ,that had some effect on male sexual potency.The most famous are Caffeine,Yohimbe,and GyngSeng.Those substances increase general alertness,not only sexual alertness,and they both are not advised for people with hypertension because their effect upon blood pressure.
The myriad,the rain of penis enlargement pills that we are witnessing today are all based on those components,or similar potency enhancing substances.
There is not,and there will never be a penis enlargement substance.As,to give an example that is very relevant,there are no known to medicine of any kind substances that will make an adult taller.
Penis enlargement pills are a rip-off.How do they operate?
Very simple.Most penis enlargement seekers have also a potency problem of sorts.They take pills for 2,3 4 weeks,and they may feel some extra erective power that may be wrongly translated by them into a size increase.For anyone with a potency problem,an improved erection is no laughing matter.The pills come all with a 30 day money back guarantee,but they all claim that for full effect they should be used for 6 months.
So most users do not want to stop taking them while they see some potency improvement mistakenly understood as slight penis size increase.They keep buying and using the pills.Once they discover that there is nothing else but the described initial effect,it is too late to send the pills back.
People unhappy with their penis size many times have a psychological predisposition to less than perfect sexual performance,or impotence.This conditions disappear once you enlarge your penis to a size with which you are happy,or till you realize that any penis size over 3 inches erect is normal and its ability to satisfy a sexual partner will depend on choosing the right woman.(they also come in all sizes).
If you need a pill,take an FDA approved pill such as Viagra,or Cialis,and never go for the so called penis enlargement pills,whose content may even be dangerous for your health!

Penis vacuum pumps

This system was originally developed by sexologists to treat impotence,and then it was copied by manufacturers of novelty sex items as a method that,according to their claims, increases the size of your penis.
It consists on an acrylic transparent tube that comes in different lengths,closed on one side,with a hole to which a pump (manual or electric)is connected.The pump sucks out air from the tube and you introduce your penis in the tube opening,and make sure that a tight seal takes place.In order to ensure so the manufacturer provides a kind of rubber donut that is placed in the open end of the tube and through its inner open hole you introduce your penis inside the tube.
By effect of the vacuum generated inside the tube,your penis will start swelling,filling the corpus cavernosum of the penis(a sponge like tissue of the penis that gets stiff and filled with blood during an erection)with blood.If you let the vacuum work on your penis for enough time,it will swell to a size much bigger than your normal erect size.

After a session with a penis pump,the swollen penis will slowly recover its original size,and after 1 or 2 hours,the penis will show absolutely no gains.
If used for many hours without interruption,the penis pump may produce blisters an injury,that will prevent you from pumping safely for a week or so.That is why most "pumpers" use the pump for no more than one or two hours a day,making absolutely no permanent gains.
In theory if you pump 6 or more hours a day,you could see some kind of slow permanent enlargement.In practice nobody can pump that much because of the blisters,and because you cannot do any other activity while pumping.It is not only the privacy problem(common to most penis enlargement techniques) but the fact that pumping time is absolutely dead time that cannot be shared with any other activity.
That means that all those pumpers (and who that is into penis enlargement did not pump for many months and even years) are just wasting their time and achieving no permanent enlargement whatsoever.The size of the penis inside the pump is a sight that at first gives you a sense of "grandeour",achievement,but sooner or later it comes at you like a boomerang because of the great difference between your real size of erect penis,and the large artificial size obtained by power of vacuum inside the pump.
The sight of a larger penis obtained artificially by a vacuum pump,creates the illusion of enlargement,and many people get hooked to it.The effect is to distract you from the reality that the size of your penis inside a tube is inmatterial.The only size that counts is the one obtained outside the pump in an erection.No matter how many years you pump,your real size never increases permanently if all you do is pumping.
If you pump or pumped in the past don't feel silly.Most of us did,till we realized we were going nowhere slowly(not even fast).You must get rid of the illusion that the pump creates on the users.
Therefore the advice here is to keep away from penis pumps as the only penis enlargement activity you do.

Natural penis enlargement:Jelq,milking,etc.

Then you have the natural exercise hoax(make a search in Webmd under Jelq for a medical opinion on natural exercises for penis enlargement)which is a waste of time with zero results .Milking will not enlarge your penis even in 100 years.All those natural penis enlargement exercises are diverse versions of the Original exercise Jelq.Now jelq is a middle eastern language word meaning MASTURBATION.Do you think that masturbation enlarges the size of your penis?Many guys that I know would be porno stars if that was right.But they still have not achieved any gains in years and years of masturbating,and they never will.Even if there is a large amount of sites offering this exercises,and many thousands of people have paid for those useless programs,the hard facts are conclusive:natural penis enlargement programs do not enlarge your penis!
The method called Jelq or milking is a bogus technique invented specifically to rip off men interested in penis enlargement in the late nineties.The ingenious idea is almost machiavelic: Let us create a mock exercise that will allow the candidate to be busy with his penis everyday,creating in him the illusion that he is doing something to increase the size of it.While he is doing that useless exercise let as sell him a myriad of memberships to paid web sites,and products also useless (such as penis pills,penis pumps,and penis stretchers,you name it).Obviously in this master plan the worse thing that could happen to the dubious entrepreneurs is that the client stumbles into a method that works for real,uses it and achieves the penis size he always wanted,and then leaves the penis enlargement bogus techniques industry.
This entrepreneurs are resourcefull,clever and reckless ,and they created a "web" of lies and false claims to entangle their potential clients which includes many so called "free" sites and forums that support Jelq as a legitimate method,making believe that even the "objective" free sites believe in that lousy waste of time and energy.Beware of free yet badly intentioned advice on penis enlargement.Who pays for those fancy (and expensive to create and maintain) "free" sites and forums?YOU,by letting them brainwash you into their "web" of lies,turned into money making machine.
What is Jelq under any name?Is basically to grab your penis at its basis with an embrace of your thumb and forefinger,and pull forward till the embrace reaches the head of the penis.They claim that this forces blood into the penis tissue forcefully so that the size of the penis "corpus cavernosum" cells increases,generating an increase in penis size.Any medical doctor will tell you that this is impossible.The goal of Jelq is to make you exercise with your penis without exerting a real strong stretch on it(which is the only action that would generate penis enlargement) because they deliverately want you to stay small!
Jelq has generally two effects:1)a massaging effect which has no influence in penis enlargement and 2)a stretching effect,which has an outcome on penis lengthening which is proportional with the tensile force applied and the time logged.
In this case we are talking about around or less that fifteen minutes a day(net stretching time of 60 minutes Jelking very vigorously),and a quite mild tensile force,so the enlarging effect is nill.With penis weights every hanging minute is a net stretching minute,and you also know the strength(weight) of the stretch is intense enough to generate penis enlargement.
We will see later on that pure stretching of your penis is the only real method of penis enlargement there is,but it must be 100% net stretching in an intensity and timing that are enough to ensure growth.

Penis enlargement stretchers and extenders.

There are 3 reasons why you should not use available sophisticated looking traction devices:
1-The attachment of the penis to the traction device must be comfortable and heavy duty(meaning take forces strong enough to produce enlargement).Devices based on a surgical tube (noose)at the end that is supposed to tie up the penis just under its head do not work because at tensions intense enough to produce penis enlargement real gains they let the penis slip out of their grip.This means that you have to use the device at a gentle tension incapable of producing real enlargement.Severe pain has been experienced while attempting to produce a stronger grip in order to increase tension intensity to a really working level,so much so that it becomes impossible by any means to increase the strength of the stretch so that it could actually induce penis enlargement.(This is true for all the penis extenders sold today in the market.Beware of fancy looking,expensive,yet useless gadgets!).
Similarly, stay away from attachments in which the penis profile is flattened by lateral compression (sandwiched by two flat or cilindrical pieces united with a screw or string as some home made devices are), or from attachments based on rubber wrapping,insulating tubing or Velcro.Velcro cannot connect confortably to your penis weight big enough to increase your penis size.You will be wasting your time because due to the discomfort created by those attachments you will not be able to apply traction forces strong enough, and to exercise long enough, to produce any real penis enlargement.Remember: a penis weights system must bring about results.Your precious time and energy are worth something too.Don't get involved with an attachment that doesn't have a clear record of safe results,such as any home made attachment,even if someone wants to give it to you for free!
2-All attachments based on VACUUM produce blisters that limit the amount of weight that can be used to a small weight, preventing the achievement of permanent penis enlargement.Remember,only heavy weights can produce measurable penis enlargement.From this point of view VACUUM attachments of the penis to weights are not any better than the traditional surgical tube (noose)attachment of the penis extenders that miserably fail to deliver inches.Particularly but not only traction methods that use vacuum devices that hold the penis mostly by the head,almost without holding the shaft area affected by surgery ,and have been invented and developed for after surgery use, do not work,because at weights big enough to produce real results,they bring about blisters and wounds in the tip of the penis head,turning the method itself useless as a standalone method of penis enlargement.The OPTIMAL PENIS WEIGHTS attachment,because embraces the shaft of the penis directly(without using vacuum),and has been developed for use without surgery,gets a much stronger hold of the shaft,and can allow more intensive loads with comfort and safety than any of those methods by up to twice as much.In short: stay away from any weights method that uses VACUUM atachment to the penis because you will be wasting your time.Those that already tried know exactly what we mean.
3-Devices that are supposed to be used while working during the day for prolonged periods of time,or at night while sleeping for example,produce no gains either:tensile forces big enough to produce penis enlargement require training periods no longer than 15 to 20 minutes,and then ten minutes rest.In other words,if it looks too good to be true,it certainly is.No penis enlargement device based on traction that brings about real results can be used for more than 20 minutes without a break of at least 5 to 10 minutes.This is due to the fact that at forces strong enough to generate penis enlargement,the body needs a relief every twenty minutes or less to ensure proper blood irrigation of the penis.Therefore all those systems that are claimed to be used while working under your regular clothes,work at forces that are under the minum required to enlarge your penis.Those gadgets are a hoax that delivers no results whatsoever.A blantant lie.

So far for the methods you should not use.Let us learn next the natural method that will enlarge your penis for real.

The FREE classical by hand stretching technique.

How does proper penis stretching work?It is based on the principle of action and adjustment of living tissue.The principle states that if you apply an action towards any living tissue,the organism will react changing to meet the challenge.In other words if you stretch your penis at the right intensity and with the proper means of holding the penis,the living tissue will go through the following two processess:1)Microscopic gaps between the penile tissue cells will be generated that are like small wounds,which in order to heal require the generation of new tissue cells(IN practical terms this translates into penis lengthening) and 2)The overall cross section of the penis(its girth or width) will have to increase so that the average tensile stress applied to a unit (a square inch) returns to an acceptable level(this would be the adjustment to an external action).Therefore the penis will also gain thickness.
Because of those two reasons,if you use stretching wisely,meaning the right grip of your penis,the right tensile stress,the right amount of time,the right precautions.In one word if you apply the correct penis enlargement stretching methodology,you will gain inches,both in length and girth.
By hand stretching is certainly the most widespread method of penis enlargement used by men.Millions use it at certain stage on life (mostly in the youth) to increase penis size.Yet the vast majority of penis enlargement seekers do not know it because this technique is father-sun word of mouth transmitted among the "initiated".Our service to you is to disclose this simple,yet powerful technique.

It consists on grabbing the penis with one hand,in such a way that your pinkie finger exercises pressure upon the glans (the head) of your penis,and all the other fingers press against the shaft of it,and once you grabbed it like this,you pull the hand away from the body,applying a tensile stress on the penis.
Do not be concerned about how exactly to grab the penis.Is a matter of experience.The idea is that you grab the penis in any way you find comfortable and stretch it by pulling away from the body.The gains will be linearly proportional to the amount of time that you hold the penis under tensile stress.Many people do it in bed ,one hour before going to sleep and one our before leaving bed.This system works,although slowly,is safe and obviously inexpensive.
You could achieve gains of less than 1/3 of an inch per year average if you pull 2 hours a day.Those gains will vary from individual to individual and their cumulative effect is felt after 10 or 15 years.This is obviously not a quick fix or even a reasonably fast method but it works as a lifetime quest,and as such it is being used by millions on a daily basis to ensure slow but sure gains.
It is essential to point out that the hand stretch does not work for everybody,apparently having to do with the personal ability to get a "good grip" that ensures that the force acting upon the penis is strong enough to be of any use.This ability is called also "good luck".
Here we come across the basic principle of results in penis enlargement,and it is "apply enough tensile force to stretch the penis during enough time and you will see results".


By now you must ask yourself if there is a stretching method that acts similarly to the stretching by hand,but with increased intensity,that is safe,and still much quicker than stretching by hand,that has been designed for standalone use(not after surgery) and does not have any of the drawbacks of the stretching devices discussed above.The answer here luckily is yes.
The Penis Weights System by Optimal will do the job safely and at a much quicker pace.It has an attachment of the weights to your penis which allows to use the maximal amount of force possible for the longest periods of time necessary.You will gain at least one inch in six months while training from 45 minutes a day,five times a week.The system includes everything needed to suceed:excelent steel penis weights,the patented attachment of weights to your penis,and a complete 106 pages single spaced comprehensive penis enlargement manual with all the knowledge necessary to use the equipment to gain inches fast ,and become a dream lover,and a truly self confident man in bed and everywhere else.With the Penis Weights from Optimal I gained three inches in 11 months.
So you have three alternatives:
1)Accept your penis size as it is and look for your right sexual partner.

2)Use the hand stretching technique brought here for slow yet real results.

3)Use The Optimal Penis Weights for faster safe real penis enlargement.It worked for me,and thousands of others.

Whatever your decision,I certainly wish you luck,and the ability to change for the better things that can be changed,and accept all others,and most of all the wisdom to discern among them…

Gustav Gilmore.



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